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Light from standard fluorescent or incandescent lamps are too diffuse to adequately light a surface at the distance required for high-bay applications.

High-bay lighting is used in high-ceiling areas to light surfaces more than 15 feet away. Common high-bay applications include industrial manufacturing, gymnasiums, warehouses, and warehouse-type retailers.

All lamps typically used in high-bay applications contain mercury, although some varieties most notably high output T5s and induction fluorescents offer opportunities for mercury reduction.

Many manufacturers are now offering T5 high output fluorescent high bays because of the many benefits including, energy savings, cost effectiveness, longer lamp life, higher lumens per watt and higher CRI.

In most high bay applications, fluorescent offers many advantages that are not possible with metal halide and usually at a lower operating cost. Our professional lighting specialists can outline the pros and cons of standard Metal Halide High Bay fixtures compares to T5 High Output Fluorescent fixtures.


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