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Marin Bravo can help you reduce the high cost of electrical energy in your buildings.

The climbing cost of electric powerconcerns all facilities today. Marin Bravo's energy specialists can offer your business suggestions on where to look for opportunities to reduce unnecessary energy use.

Marin Bravo can explain how to optimize energy usage in almost every part of your building or facility. We carefully evaluate the building structure, heating and air conditioning, central heating and cooling plants, water systems, lighting, use of sunlight, and common industrial equipment.

Many manufacturers are now offering T5 high output fluorescent high bays because of the many benefits including, energy savings, cost effectiveness, longer lamp life, higher lumens per watt and higher CRI.

We can help you understand how new high efficiency equipment can save you money, including all types of lighting, insulation, heating and air conditioning equipment, high-efficiency motors and drives, pumps and fans.


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