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From design intent to project implementation, excellence is the goal we strive for with all of our custom electrical work, and our clients have come to expect it.

Our trained and licensed electricians can customize the project to your particular work and business circumstances. According to your specifications, we submit labor and equipment costs to create a complete estimate cost for each job.

Services range from reviewing the design intent to the installation and maintenance, including power, distribution, mechanical and lighting. We also take great pride in our association with local and national service and equipment partners.

We can take an architect's intent or client's specifications and work with the necessary power and control scheme to plan, build and approve the completed project.

Whatever the design intent, we can specify, order and install the necessary components. We prefer both a product and an installation technique insuring the highest degree of functionality and performance.

We can also assume the responsibility of providing systematic maintenance for a broad range of commercial equipment and systems. This includes simple things like replacing inside and outside illumination lamps to checking or tightening connections in panels; the little things that help to maintain a fully operational and safe system.


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